Q: How can I book a car?
 A: These steps will help anyone new to us book a hire car using our system.

Simple guide to using www.turkeycarhire.com

Step 1: On the Fethiye Rent a Car homepage, you will see the " PICK UP OFF LOCATION" part. From that part, select the location where you plan to pick up the car. If you want to drop off the car
to different location, click and select the ''RETURNING TO DIFFERENT LOCATION " box. Respectively, select your preferred dates and times for pick up and drop off, the currency, as well as
the age of your driver. Then, click "SEARCH NOW" button and wait a few seconds until we list suitable vehicles for you.

Step 2: Sort through the results from the various hire options. For convenience, you can find "Apply Filters" part left side of page. Select the types of car as your preference. After
applying filters, from our available car list, select the most suitable vehicle for you and click to "BOOK NOW" button. If no cars are available for hire, you may wish to adjust your
search criteria or Request a Quote by mail and see if we can help you personally.

Step 3: Read a through all your rental details and check whether there is a deficiency or not. Add any extras you like or take advantage of our services: Baby booster, baby seat, GPS,
HTW insuarence... Then press the "NEXT" button.

Step 4: Please enter your personal details. If you want to fast delivery service on your arrival, enter your name, license no, passport number and other details. Also, select your
payment type. According to your payment choice, you will enter your credit card details. Then, click "Check your reservation" button.

Step 5: You will see your reservation summary. You can check your all reservation details on this page. After check your all informations, read "terms and conditions". Then click the
"COMPLETE" button.

Step 6: If you select "pay on arrival" from payment types, you will only see "Enquiry Form" end of the steps. Print this page and bring it with you for pick up the car. This "Enquiry
Form" will also be sent to your e-mail address. However, if you select "pay %10 deposit" or "full payment", after you enter you credit card information, you will see "Enquiry Form"
again and your voucher will be sent you by e-mail. For your information, "pay on arrival" is only valid for Dalaman and Fethiye regions.

Step 7: When you come to arrival department at Dalaman international Airport, one of our staff will welcome you holding a board your name is written on it. You will go next to the car.
Our staff will orient the car to you.

Q : Is my personal information kept private?
A: Totally. We do not divulge your information to anyone except the minimum necessary for the car hire company to process your booking. None of your payment details, including credit card are forwarded to a third party.

Q : Will the car rental company receive my booking immediately?
A : Yes. We forward your booking details electronically to the car rental company in 12 hours as we receive the booking mail from the system.

Q : Can I cancel my booking? What is the process?
A : Yes. Cancel any bookings you have made by sending us an email.

Q : Can I modify my booking?
A : Yes, we allow you to modify your booking prior to picking up your car. You have to inform us at least 5 days ago before your rental period that we need to check the possibilty to arrange your change request. Any change to a booking will be recalculated based on the availability and prices at the time the change is made. This may be greater or lesser than the price originally booked. This applies to changes made to:

- Pickup location
- Drop off location
- Pick up date and time
- Drop off time and date
- Vehicle group
- Airline and flight number
- Extras
- All other additional products

Q : Can I modify my booking after I have collected the car?
A : Yes, you can. It depends on availablity of your new request.

Q : Can I upgrade?
A : An upgrade is changing from the reserved vehicle category to a higher vehicle category.
Upgrades are offered at time of rental depending on vehicle availability. An additional charge may apply.
Upgrades are free for the next higher vehicle category if your reserved vehicle is not available.

Q: I require insurance for my car hire, can Fethiye Rent a Car help?
A : All cars are insured with compulsory traffic insurance in borders of Turkey. In addition, all cars have comprehensive coverage to prevent our customer against unjust treatment in the case of any accident.

Q : What driver’s license requirements will I need to meet to drive overseas?
A : A driving license for regular cars is required to rent one of the cars from our fleet.

Q : What documents will I require when renting the vehicle?
A : Drivers licence and credit card. When renting with a credit card, the renter’s name or one of the driver’s name must match the name on the card. The signature on the back of the card must match the name imprinted on the card. All charges are debited to the credit card at the time the vehicle is rented (rather than returned). List of credit cards honoured: Master Card and Visa Card.

Q : Can I pay cash?
A : Yes, Fethiye Rent a Cars will require a cash bond in addition to the payment of the rental charges, which will be based on the length of rental and type of vehicle rented.

Q : What ID will I need to bring with me?
A : As much as possible. We will require a valid drivers licence, Identity card and passport.

Rental Length
Q : What is the Rental Length?
A : Rentals are charged on a 24-hour basis. We don’t provide rental by hour.

Q : What is the minimum rental age?
A : Twenty three . ( 23 years old)

Q : Can I let other people drive the vehicle?
A : Yes, when they have presented their valid drivers licence and we have noted them on the Rental Agreement. If you let them drive before Fethiye Rent a Car approves them they are uninsured. Additional drivers on cash rentals must have a credit card.

Q : What is one-way car hire?
A : "One-way” car hire refers to selecting one destination for vehicle pick up, and another for vehicle drop off. Many people chose this option when travelling from coast to coast.

Q: Does Fethiye Rent a Car facilitate one-way car hire bookings?
A: Yes, our site is loaded with many one-way hire options. If the one-way rental you look for is possible, the drop off destination you just mail us.

Q : Do I have to return the vehicle full of fuel?
A : Yes, we deliver your hire car to you with ¼ full of fuel tank. We expect return as same amount of fuel ¼ full of the tank.

Q : What happens if I am involved in an accident?
A : You should report the accident to Fethiye Rent a Car as soon as possible and certainly within 24 hours. You must call 155 POLICE or 156 GENDARME(military police) immediatelly. You have to keep the car in accident position and mustn’t move. You should get accident report and alcohol test immediatelly.

Q : What happens if the vehicle breaks down?
A : All Fethiye Rent a Car vehicles are covered by 24-hour roadside assistance. The details of who to contact in the event of a breakdown are written on the rental contract.

Q : What happens if I get a flat tyre?
A : Fethiye Rent a Car vehicles are all provided with a spare tyre and hirers are expected to change flat tyres. Our staff will tell you the place of spare tyre and equipments while introducing rental car to you. If you wish to use the roadside assistance service, you will pay this service.

Q : What happens if I lose the keys?
A : Fethiye Rent a Car can provide a replacement key. The delivery time will depend on location. A fee will be charged for new keys and for service we bring the key to you. Renters commonly lock keys inside the rental car. As a friendly reminder - try and put the keys in your pocket immediately upon taking them out of the ignition. That way there is little chance of locking the keys in the car. If this does happen or you lose the keys, call Fethiye Rent a Car.

Q : What is expected when returning the vehicle?
A : Give yourself ample time to return your vehicle. While we pride ourselves on expediting the return, you may still need a few moments.
The vehicle is expected to be returned in the same condition as rented to the customer. Normal wear and tear is expected.
The vehicle should be checked for damage at the time of return both by you and your return agent. If there is damage, you may be required to fill out a damage report.

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