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Turkey Car Hire has a rent a car service thanks to its 20 years experience in Turkey. It continues its business by accepting the contentment of customers primary as well as local and international customers.

In spite of only providing car rental services in Turkey, they did not stay in same position and it committed the principle of providing value to our valued customers by constantly improving itself.

Turkey Car Hire can satify customers' variety of car rental requirements hosting hundreds vehicles of fleet. In its fleet, there are also economic vehicles and minibus, jeep and luxury vehicles which are convenient for customers.

Besides diversity of its vehicles, it provides safe driving opportunities by providing closely periodic authorized maintenance service by enabling each vehicle speacialist for customers.

As well as its offices throughout Turkey, it spread rent a car service with its offices in airports which are in big cities. It also contributes to you precious customers in reduction of travel costs especially with its services providing in airport.

Our company gives importance to personnels who work for providing best service to foreign customers. Turkey Car Hire team has personnels speak foreign languages who are friendly and most importantly, welcoming. Keeping fit our staff with periodic in-house training, we provide more sustainable and high-quality service.

Believing their customers are guest, Turkey Car Hire considers their customers as valuable subject in all process pf planing and operation from reservation to car delivery.
Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

Turkey Car Hire has a rent a car service thanks to its 20 years experience in Turkey.
It continues its business by accepting the contentment of customers primary as well as local and international customers.


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We use big data technology to provide you with the best prices.


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All of your purchases at turkyecarhire.com are 100% secure with SSL certificate. Your credit card information will be used for pos transaction and wouldn't be kept in our systems...


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We provide 100% guaranteed service with free cancellation and change.

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Thousands of our guests entered turkeycarhire.com without stress and expense and found the ideal vehicle they were looking for at TurkeyCarHire with the best price guarantee...

Frequently Asked Questions

Drive Confidently with Answers in Every Turn! Your Frequently Asked Questions about Renting a Car – Unveiling Clarity, One Query at a Time!

What Documents Are Required When Picking Up The Vehicle?

To receive the vehicle, please ensure you have your driver's license, identity passport, and credit card on hand during the delivery process. Without these documents, the vehicle cannot be provided. For economy group vehicles, the minimum age requirement is 21 years, along with a 2-year driving license. Medium group vehicles necessitate a minimum age of 24 and a 3-year driver's license, while upper group vehicles mandate a minimum age of 27 and a 4-year driver's license.

Any drivers, under the required age, holding a 2 year license but who would like to hire vehicles of an upper class, can hire these vehicles by paying an additional 5.00 € per day as an ‘additional premium for young drivers’.

Provision procedures are among the procedures applied during car rental. It is applied to protect any traffic fines, bridge crossings, highway usage or other additional charges that may come behind you during the rental. Provision cancellations are canceled within 1 working days by faxing to the bank the next day of your vehicle return day.

Car rental license and age restrictions may differ based on the vehicle class. Explore the age limits for economy class or upper-segment vehicles by accessing the relevant section containing vehicle information when making an online reservation.

Vehicles can be used by additional drivers other than the original hirer. Fee to be paid for additional drivers is daily 3.00 €. However identity and driving license details for addtional drivers have to be recorded in the section for additional drivers in the car hire contract. Both the rent a car company and the driver are liable for any damages the car may have or any harm that may be given to third parties resulting from an accident that those drivers whose license and identity details have not been written in the car hire contract may have.

No fee shall apply for bookings cancelled up to 24 hour before the starting date and the deposit which has been received is refunded in this case. 1 day rental is charged for cancellations made less than 24 hours before the starting date. In case during booking more than 1 day rental is received as a deposit after deducting 1 day rental fee, the balance is refunded to the relevant credit card.

Penalties occured during the renal period such as Radar penalties, wrong parking penalties, other penalties recorded with the number plate due to misuse, are submitted to the vehicle owner, car hire company at a later date after the vehicle is returned. These penalties are charged to the credit card presented by the hirer for this purpose at the begining of the rental period and it is notified to the hirer.

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